Luxury Stocking Filler Presents

In many households, the tradition of creating stockings or gift baskets as gifts at Christmas is continued into adulthood. Many couples also enjoy making a stocking for each other. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what items to choose to place in an adult stocking. Ideally, you want to select gifts that are going to be thoughtful, useful and well received. If you’re stuck for luxury stocking ideas, here are a few things you can easily buy that most people will love to receive.

Luxurious chocolates 

A small box of luxurious truffles or other quality chocolate is always a hit around Christmas. Even though there is plenty of food available at Christmas time, it’s still nice to receive your own box of chocolates that have been handmade and chosen to suit your taste. You can buy small bags of luxury chocolates from any good chocolatier, choose with your recipient in mind and opt for their favourite flavour combinations. You can even purchase luxurious vegan chocolates for those loved ones that don’t consume dairy. 

Perfume or aftershave

A good quality perfume or aftershave is a great luxury stocking filler for adults at Christmas time. Many people have one or a few varieties of perfume or aftershave that they like and choose to wear. Opt for your loved ones' favourite perfume or aftershave in a small bottle and place it within their stocking as a great present they’re bound to love and use regularly. 


Small jewellery items are an excellent choice for a luxury stocking filler. Anything that suits the recipient's style will be a big hit. Maybe your loved one has a charm bracelet, and you can buy them an extra charm to reflect your relationship; this is a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings also work well as luxury stocking fillers for women and men. Always choose items you think the recipient will love to wear and something that suits their current style. 


Socks might not seem like a luxury stocking filler item, but you can buy a wide variety of socks. Designer socks are a great choice for anyone who loves to make a statement and wear designer clothing. Cashmere socks are also a good choice; they’re warm, comfortable, breathable and long-lasting. Customised socks are a fun gift; you can even add pictures of people and pets to a pair of customisable socks. Any dog or cat parent would love a pair of personalised socks with pictures of their pet.


Luxurious underwear is another great stocking filler gift. Opt for top-of-the-range boxers, or a matching bra and pants set made by their favourite designer. This gift is most suitable for those who create stockings for their partners rather than other family members.

Small game

Games can be luxurious and fun; they can also provide entertainment over the Christmas period when you’re relaxing with family and friends at home. You can buy a range of different stocking filler-sized games, from card games, puzzle games, trivia games and joke games. These stocking fillers are designed to get everyone having fun and enjoying the festivities. 

Scented candles 

Christmas can be stressful and hectic for everyone, especially when you need to travel to visit friends or family and also need to cook and entertain. A luxurious, relaxing, scented candle is an excellent stocking filler to help reduce the stress around Christmas. Your recipient can light the candle, take a relaxing bath, and feel their worries and tension melt away.

Mini alcohol bottles

Christmas is a time for indulgence and enjoying yourself; many people enjoy relaxing with their favourite drink. Mini bottles of the recipient's favourite alcohol work as an excellent luxurious stocking filler they can consume on Christmas day. Try to find a special edition of their favourite tipple to make the gift even more memorable and luxurious.

Creating a luxurious stocking or gift hamper for a loved one at Christmas is a lovely way to show how much you care for them and a great tradition you can keep going every year. These ideas are great as general stocking fillers, but always choose gifts that are personal to the loved one receiving the stocking or gift basket.